Did Royse City ISD administrators solicit the input of local citizens before developing the bond package?

To manage the fast growth of new students into our district, the Board of Trustees commissioned a 31-member citizens bond committee comprised of residents from across the entire community that included parents, grandparents, educators, and business leaders.  Their directive was simple – develop a comprehensive bond package that helps provide our teachers, students and parents the tools and facilities they need.

What research was conducted by the citizens bond committee?

The committee worked with district staff to analyze financial data, study growth patterns and review construction, capital improvements, and the safety and security needs for Royse City ISD. After extensive research – and with input from a diverse array of citizens from throughout the district – the committee prioritized a comprehensive $60 million bond package. Committee meetings were open to the public to allow everyone in our community the opportunity to offer their input.

Was every facility in the school district reviewed during the committee process?

Yes, we reviewed every facility in our district. Our citizens bond committee assessed all parts of the district for needs such as new schools and classrooms, renovations, safety, technology, basic maintenance and capital upgrades.

How quickly is Royse City ISD growing?

Within the boundaries of our district – reaching out almost 80 square miles –many new residential developments are either under way or in the planning stages. Over the past 5 years Royse City ISD has grown by more than 700 new students, with another 4,300 students expected to enroll over the next decade. That’s nearly double our current student enrollment.

What is the breakdown of spending in the bond package?
Provided below is a summary of the spending breakdown:






New middle school #2 

Fine arts addition at Royse City High School 

Capital improvement at Royse City Middle School

Capital improvement at multiple campuses


 What was the final vote by the Board of Trustees?

The Royse City ISD Board of Trustees accepted the bond package by a unanimous vote.  Voters will have their say on Saturday, May 5. They also can participate during early voting from April 23 through May 1.

How is the bond package dealing with the basic, day-to-day improvements of district assets?

Improvements at Royse City Middle School including new paint and flooring, restroom renovations, sidewalk paving, security upgrades and renovations to the cafeteria and library. And, the bonds will pay for upgrades and maintenance at Ruth Cherry Intermediate, Davis Elementary and Anita Scott Elementary.

Is anything planned for the fast growth areas of the district?

A new 1,000 student middle school in Fate – this is one of the fastest growing areas of our district.

How will the new middle school change the grade configuration of the district?

This new middle school and our current middle school will serve 6th through 8th grade students, which will allow our elementary schools to serve pre-k through the 5th grade.

This new configuration also will allow Herndon and Cherry intermediate schools to become elementary schools – this will cost less money than building new elementary schools.

How will students involved in extracurricular activities be impacted?

The expansion of the band hall at Royse City High School will assist with the growing student involvement in our award winning musical offerings

What is going to be the tax impact of the bond package on Royse City ISD taxpayers?

Passage of the bond referendum will not require an increase in our property tax rate.  The bonds will be funded with the anticipated property value growth in the district.

What will be the impact on senior citizens in the district?

Homeowners 65 years of age and older will see no increase in their tax rate because of the senior citizen homestead exemption.

Should voters approve the $60 million bond package, does the district have policies in place to make sure our tax dollars are spent efficiently?

Because of the work of our administration and the input of our citizens, Royse City ISD has earned the highest rating possible from the Texas Education Agency Financial Integrity Rating System. We will continue to monitor the progress and costs of the capital projects including in the bond package.

Upon approval of the bond referendum, is the entire amount issued all at once? 

No. The district will only issue bonds to cover the cost of projects at the time they are needed and approved by the School Board.  

Who do we contact if we want more information about the bond referendum?

Please contact us at Royse City ISD strives to make sure every voter has the information they need to make an informed decision.